Elderly and Medication Management
Project with Honeywell Healthcare (Hommed)

The goal of this project is to design technology interactions for the elderly to help them adhere to long term medication schedules. This research project presented intervention opportunities at an individual, peripheral, environmental and community based levels.

The design process comprised of multiple prototype building, user research and design iteration cycles.

SnoozeTab is a simple medicine labelling and personalized medicine scheduling software that aims to make it easier for the patient to integrate new medicines into his schedule. Leveraging technology devices and cloud networks it creates new relationships between caregivers and patients. The goal is two way:

1. Caregivers/Family: Keep them better informed remotely about patient's adherence to medication schedule. Simplify creating and maintaining medicine flow for patients. 

2. Patients: Personalize medicine schedule to their needs, keep them better informed on medicines they are taking, make quick help accessible. 

Wireframe for tablet application: Collaboration tool for scheduling medicines between pharmacists and patients

Wireframes for mobile application: Medicine notifications, medicine information for patients

Mapping User Journeys

User Research Process